• Maui Lash Full Set
  • (first visit)

  • Fill In

  • Wedding & Honeymoon Set


Full Set: This services is for a full set of eyelash extensions to be applied to the upper lashes. It is our first time customer service and also for customers that have not filled in their lashes and need a new full set.

Fill-: Lash extensions need “touched up” every 2 weeks due to the natural cycle of each individual eyelash. Our “Fill” service touches up lash extensions that have shed due to the natural lash process. This service takes an hour or less typically and is scheduled every 2 weeks by clients.

Wedding/Honeymoon Lashes: This service is our hottest service in the bridal market. Lash extensions are applied to give you that fresh long lash look the day of your Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and Honeymoon! Don’t just look like a knockout on your wedding day, look like a knockout on your honeymoon too! Most brides tell us that they woke up each morning on thier honeymoon feeling “beautiful” with no makeup because of their long lashes! This service is a must for anyone getting married. (Lashes last 2-3 weeks and do not harm your natural lashes.)